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Civil and criminal investigations
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Security Management DM 269/ 2010 UNI 10459 2017

Exe Srl is entitled as Senior security manager pursuant to
regulation DM 269/2010 UNI 10459 2015, which documents the multi-year competence in the field of security, exercised in national and international areas.

134 TULPS / 222 c.p.p. Civil and criminal investigations

With its subsidiary EXE INVESTIGATIONS S.r.l. and collaborations with selected partner investigative agencies, we work on the solution of
civil and criminal problems in which legal or natural persons can be invested in the work or personal sphere.

Cyber security & computer forensic

EXE Srl offers services, solutions and products in the field of Cyber ​​security, aimed at protecting all types of users, from large complex companies to the individual professional.

art 115 TULPS Business Agency

EXE S.r.l. with license Ex art 155 Tulps for business agencies selects the best suppliers for armed surveillance, transport of valuables, video and anti-intrusion systems pertaining to a complete security service.

Training courses

Promotion of training courses in cyber security and security with partnerships created with Seac Spa, Uni E campus University and H3G USA, among others, promotes basic and master level training for cyber security.

IT and communications security
Forensic computer science

Importance of security

Cyber ​​security in 2021 is now as important as a security door for homes, sensitive data that could compromise our activities and our privacy can be prey to unscrupulous professionals.


Why our consulting

Exe srl offers an investigation service for private or corporate situations, guaranteeing the utmost professionalism with the assistance of civil and criminal lawyers

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