134 TULPS / 222 c.p.p. Civil and criminal investigations

EXE S.r.l., through its subsidiary EXE Investigations S.r.l. or also through collaborations with selected partner investigative agencies, works on the solution of civil and criminal problems of which legal entities or natural persons can be invested in the work or personal environment. The investigation activity is in itself very delicate both for its dynamics and also for the legal means available to it. The results are solid and valid testimonial evidence and are often incorporated into the global concept of Security Management services. the company’s task force has extensive experience in the investigative field and is able to optimize resources in the best way to follow customer requests in a personalized way, with a special case-by-case evaluation

Industrial counterintelligence

These activities are aimed at exposing malicious unlawful conduct carried out by officials and/or employees who work for the company that commissioned the investigation and who make a third party aware of the company’s documentation and “secrets”. These activities can also be integrated into containment and investigative services inside and outside the client company.

International activities

EXE S.r.l. provides adequate information collection and security and prevention services for customers in international settings directly or through partnerships with leading companies in the USA and Israel, leaders in security and technologies.

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