Security management

The Management of Exe Srl is titled as Senior Security Manager pursuant to REGULATIONS DM 269/2010 UNI 10459 2017, this implies a documented multi-year competence in the field of security, exercised in national and international fields. Security management is the set of measures through which the implementation of strategies, procedures and operational plans are implemented with a view to creating business value. These mechanisms are suitable to prevent, deal with and overcome unfavorable events that may affect material, intangible and human resources, which the Company has or needs to ensure adequate competitive capacity in the short, medium, and long term.
The importance of the Security Manager in a company is, today, even more important also on the basis of the dictates of D.lg. n°231 of June 8, 2001, containing the “Discipline of administrative responsibility of legal entities”. Regulatory innovation is crucial as neither the institution nor the company can be said to be unrelated to any criminal proceedings for malicious, negligent or omissionary offences committed for the benefit of itself or the institution. This, of course, determines an interest in the prevention of these subjects (Members, C.d.A., Board of Statutory Auditors, etc.) who participate in the property affairs of the Entity or legal Entity through the control of the regularity and legality of the social work and the management board. The security of procedures (working methods, IT procedures, accident management procedures, recovery,
continuity of productive economic activities under stress from cyber or security threat) and data security (security of access and preservation) are among the crucial processes of a company’s life. Exe srl is a qualified and competent interlocutor for the completion of prevention pursuant to 231/2001


Physical security (protection of IT structures and suitability of alarm and/or video surveillance systems)
Logical security (cryptography and document back-up)
Organizational and personnel security (employee loyalty, brand and know-how protection, business intelligence).
Cyber security and NIST regulations International Security, Business Intelligence, Threat Intelligence

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